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Keith Seldon - Antique Enamel Restoration

Restored finely enamelled french gold brooch

Restoration of antique enamel

Fine enamels have been with us for many centuries, from classical times through to the peak of craftmanship this 19th century French gold brooch represents. Unfortunately time, or an accident can see the delicate picture fragmented.

Restoring antique enamel to the condition shown here requires knowledge of historic skills, along with an ability to match the original artist's talent. That is why restoration of such an item should be carried out by a restorer who is primarily a skilled artist.

This brooch represents the type of work that Keith is renowned for being able to bring back to fine condition, not least because he finds such pleasure in doing so.


Guilloche enamel medal after restoration

Enamels are personal

So many items in enamel hold memories for the owner, or for their family. Another example of antique enamels where restoration deserves care, to preserve the past and future.

As you may have seen on this site, Keith is known for heraldry work, including careful restoration of antique items, from fine medals, to family mementos. The Russian order of Saint George exemplifying both, fit to be worn, or reflect upon.

The characterful enamel bear is as this should be and not in need of change. Enamel conservation is about preservation, of the object, the iconography and the spirit. Much the same for the lustrous enamel panels, where the restorer's task is to sympathetically blend in new with old.


Silver gilt russian book cover with enamel restored

A solid base for enamel restoration

Enamel is a beautiful but fragile medium, as breakable as fine glass. All enamel objects are reliant on the base they are set in and this can need attention itself. The book cover here an example, common to see these warped or carrying bruises from use.

That an artist and accomplished enameller is needed remains beyond doubt but there is another skill, the jeweller. As you will see from Keith Seldon's biography his original training and experience as a jeweller fit well. Allowing him to bring together all the aspects that antique enamels require to return to their former glory.

However diverse your restoration needs, or the enamel objects these relate to, Keith will be happy to discuss the best solution. Above all, you can be assured he will care for and about the item you treasure.