Enamel Artist

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Commissions Undertaken Nationally & Internationally

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1. HMS Victory

Richard Jarvis and Softley & Page built the silver model. Keith added enamel plaques of Nelson and his coat of arms.

2. 18 Kt Gold Watch

A pleasure to wear and for Keith to help create. Modern design and elegance can be natural partners.

3. Rock Crystal and Enamel Tazza

Enamel blends well with many materials, crystal and glass have carried similar decoration for centuries.

4. City of London Regalia

The filigree gold design by Grant Macdonald providing a perfect object for the most delicate of enamelling.

5. 18 Kt Gold Pendant

A coral background showing the tonal effect of enamel. At times hard to match with a stone but not an artist's palette

6. Threshold of The Garden

Enamel art is often seen as detailed realism, this work after Manet shows impressionism can translate well.

Enamel Restoration

The images in the portfolio relate to newly created objects. If you would like existing items restored, or reconstructed, there are guides to restoration services on the website, such as examples of antique enamel restoration.

Enamel Replicas

If you need a new work from an existing piece, why not send Keith your images, normal photographs, or digital images. Replacement or matching items can also be created from historic work, such as heraldic art.