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Keith Seldon - Unique Gifts In Enamel

series of sketches for wildlife enamels

Personal Enamel Art

The large scale commissions Keith receives are welcome and enjoyable, yet as with any artist he relishes creating enamels full of meaning for the owner. Personalised enamel art, often gifts which will be treasured.

These might incorporate family history, an area of interest, a favourite pastime, whatever will give real pleasure to last a lifetime. Enamel art in safe hands is adaptable and can be applied to many surfaces.

Requests are often made for buttons, cufflinks, brooches. They can be reflections of existing images, or just an idea. You can see here a group of worked up sketches Keith created on a wildlife theme, not the final enamel but sufficient to show scale and help with choice.


final artwork for fishing enamels

A cherished gift

A later stage in development is shown by the finely painted fishing roundels. Not yet glowing enamels but a fair reflection of the finished pieces and of the care taken in their creation, personal should really mean that.

Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, honouring years of service, or just because you feel like buying a gift, Keith will ensure your wish to please is met. A wish he shares, that the recipient will be proud to wear or use his work.

Most people are, not because they have a gift made by an enamel artist of repute but because someone who knew them gave such thought and ensured the idea came to life. A personal item which can be cherished by the artist, client and owner.


enamel cufflinks of golfing scene

The pleasure of enamel

Creating the final work is the most rewarding aspect for all those involved. Layer by subtle layer of translucent enamel melding into an enduring image, the artist's hand and your personal theme coming together.

A simple pair of enamel cufflinks but more than that. They represent a person's interest, a place they belong to, an important facet of their life, along with an understanding that someone took the trouble to have these made for them.

Keith understands the importance of such a gift. The work he carries out on personalised enamels has a cost but not dictated by every hour spent. His work on heraldic enamels for example could never be charged literally, satisfaction matters more. You are welcome to contact Keith to discuss your exact requirements.