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Keith Seldon - Caring For Historic Enamels

Early French gold and enamel box

Restoring Early Enamels

We toned down the image of the French gold and enamel plaque so you could clearly see the wonderful work, from a thousand years ago. Such pieces are rare and if in need of restoration, preserving the status quo is often best.

Whether this is required, or partial replacement, or a perfect replica, Keith will be delighted to help. His life has been about enamelling and working with such historic pieces is a pleasure.

Neither have the core techniques of artists and craftsmen changed too much. Materials and equipment may be more advanced but quality of work is still controlled by skill and care.

Beyond those essentials is the real depth of enamel, an art form which transcends time. As clear in early enamels as is the case with fine artists today.


Enamel on blue glass box

Enamelling in the Middle East

The fine box to the right is typical of those produced in Iran and allied areas a little later than the French plaque. To Middle Eastern craftsmen, technique and diligence were everything.

Venice ultimately became a centre to replace much of their trade but there is evidence the Venetians borrowed from the skills of their competitors, although not the craftsmen themselves judging by the standard of early works.

Historic enamels from their eastern neighbours remained superior aesthetically and technically for many years. They display devotion to the craft rarely seen.

As with early European works, they require great care to maintain or restore. Not least to get inside the mind of those who made them, the key to true restoration.


carved and enamel irish punt in setting

An Ageless Craft

Although not perhaps seen as historic, including the Irish piece shown to the left made sense. From the 19th century but showing the spirit of the time.

A homage to a saint, with a centrepiece of an old Irish punt, hand carved and enamelled. The image of a bold stag in the landscape still vibrant, doubtless important to the owner.

Beyond artistry in any precious object is another layer of history. How much they meant to those who lived with them, how they reflected their culture. Understanding this is as much part of preservation as knowing the materials.

Keith Seldon works with enamels because they are the spirit of his life. Maintaining those created by people of the same mind through the ages is a natural wish.