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Heraldic Enamels - Timeless Beauty

Heraldic pendant in enamel

Enamel Art and Heraldry

Two ancient art forms which make natural partners. Heraldry in enamel brings permanence and lustrous fine detail to a subject steeped in history. As you can see from the examples of Keith's heraldic work, there is little better suited to an enamel artist's skill, or the options this can offer:

  • Newly commissioned works to your own design.
  • Replicas or presentation pieces to match history.
  • Restoration of enamel heraldry from all periods.

There are few limits to pieces that can be created or matched, with the traditions of heraldry always considered. The colours used, known as tinctures, the principles of how they work together. Above all, the level of care given by craftsmen and artists for centuries.


Enamel heraldry on filigree gold

A Background To The Future

Egyptian warriors and Roman Centurions carried standards, or decorated shields, not unlike basic heraldic devices. Partly symbols of influence and serving the purpose they were adopted for in Europe, identifying friend from foe.

In the heat of battle, one knight in armour is hard to distinguish from another, as is a troop riding in from distance. This practical need was well met by colourful, distinctive emblems, although they soon attained more meaning.

An entire code developed, a language understood internationally despite a few variations. The complex coats of arms becoming as much symbolic as practical. A representation of family to be passed down, or of belonging to an order. This has been sustained for nine centuries, remains strong today and for years to come.


Gold cufflinks with heraldic crest

Taking Heraldry Forward

Tradition is a vital part of heraldic art and enamel has featured in this for a long time. Even so, gradual development has always taken place and in recent years Keith has played a direct part in this, extending an art form to meet changing needs:

  • Bringing fine decoration to personal jewellery.
  • Emblazoning newly created heraldry in enamel.
  • Adapting ancient crests to suit modern material.

Whether you are a jeweller looking for skills to complete a project, a conservator for an established collection, or bringing to life a private commission, Keith will be pleased to help. The satisfaction of marrying heraldic art and enamel art is clear in his work and in the pleasure this brings to others.