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Keith Seldon - Enamel Artist & Jeweller

Enamel portrait of churchill

An artist by nature

The enamel portrait of Churchill illustrates the perception that won Keith the Jaques Cartier Award in 1990. An award only given in years where the displayed talent warrants this.

This talent had been recognised much earlier, with Keith winning the pre-apprentice prize at Sir John Cass in 1974. Earning an offer of a much sought after apprenticeship with Cartier, which he turned down.

Even at a young age, Keith knew his life would be that of an artist as much as a jeweller and chose the specialist enamelling company of Fred Barnes in London.


East Berkshire hospital

Developing Skills

His training encompassed a range of jewellery skills, although before the apprenticeship finished, Keith had taken on the role of senior painter at the company.

This ultimately led to the formation of a partnership with Allan Mudd, where they quickly became the choice of enamellers for well known London jewellers, designers and other clients who needed a high level of skill.

Keith has carried out work for leading institutions and royal households across the globe. Twice being presented to the Queen, for his work on the enamels in Commonwealth House and the portrait of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucester cathedral.


gold watch with floral enamel centrepiece

The finished article

When Alan left London, Keith set up his own company, where the client base and the accolades continued to grow. Easy to see Keith being absorbed with these but that is not his nature, he rarely even signs his work.

This focus on the work itself has created a mature, gifted artist but one devoted to his art. As this page was being written, Keith sat in his workshop painting a pair of fine enamel cufflinks, a gift for a husband. They saw as much care as any international commission.

Keith Seldon is perhaps at the peak of his powers and able to create enamel artistry that will live beyond the artist. Each client should be able to treasure the work he carries out for them and others enjoy these wonderful enamels throughout time.