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Keith Seldon - Privacy & Cookie Policy

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Client Confidentiality

The enamel portrait shown is a personal item, which the owner can choose to share with a few people, many more, or none at all.

For personal, or commercial reasons, clients may wish to keep the work they commission from Keith a private matter and that wish is always respected. The work produced belongs to the client.

This covenant between an artist and their client, whether an individual, or a fellow jeweller, is a cornerstone of Keith's ethos. Confidentiality is an important part of the relationship and will always be respected in full.


antique enamel portrait of gentleman

Privacy Policy

Whether you simply contact Keith, or enter into a working arrangement, your privacy is a prime need. You are the owner of your personal details or data, even where information may already be in the public domain. 

Any details you provide are only used as needed and will not be shared, sold, or passed to others for any reason. Neither will you be contacted by third parties on our behalf, unless this is a requirement of work undertaken. 

Privacy for clients is reflected in the portrait you see of a member of the Beaufort family. As Keith has been called on to assist with their presence in Gloucester Cathedral, he appreciates the privacy they maintained for centuries in serving others. 


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Use Of Cookies

Cookies are not used on this website and in the event they were, these would only be for the purpose of improving the website. Recording anonymous data to help understand your needs and better meet them.

Should you require further information on this topic, the information commissioner offers a fair amount of background.

Understanding how some cookies work, not least related to third party advertising, will be of value. As is the now legal requirement for websites to consider your wishes.