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Commissions Undertaken Nationally & Internationally

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1. Rock Crystal Centrepiece

Softly enameled clematis blend with opaque crystal. Materials made by time and nature to work together.

2. Dakota Blue Richards

The young actress appears entranced by the object in front of her. Find out why on the commissions page.

3. Fine Organic Jewellery

Pendants commissioned by Theo Fennel. Enamel decoration can be suited to delicacy as well as strength.

4. The Duke of Wellington

Commissioned portrait, showing the redcoat uniform he made so well known during the Peninsular War.

5. The Sultan of Brunei

An Allan Whicker interview. Keith couldn't help noticing the enamel vase and remembering who the artist was.

6. Terrace at Saint-Adresse

An enamel miniature from the work by Claude Monet. This plaque made to become the lid of a gold box.

An Enamel Artist's Portfolio

The selection above offers a snapshot of Keith Seldon's work, with other examples at portfolio two. Please remember that he has been working at the highest level for many years. If you have an item in mind, a personalised enamel, Keith may be able to point to similar items he helped create.

Unique Commissions Welcome

If you are looking for a unique piece, please get in touch. Being asked to start from a blank canvas is stimulating for any artist, not least an enamel artist. For inspiration, why not take a look at Keith's notes on the international art of enamelling, in case there are style elements which suit.