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Keith Seldon - Enamel Restoration

damaged tiffany gold and enamel watch

Enamel Restoration

Enamel is a wonderful material for jewellery and precious objects, although time and use can bring damage. The art of enamel restoration focuses on not only regaining a fine appearance but matching the original craftmanship.

The Tiffany watch shown is a good example of their craftsman's art. Lustrous enamel and diamonds, on an 18ct gold base, with a few signs of wear from a century of use.

A patch of white and the gold underlay can be seen in the lower left area of the ribbon, then a much smaller white spot, high up on the left. Although not so evident, the enamel there has a wider bruise, the sheen has gone.

On the watch case itself, there is a tiny diamond missing from the centre and the enamel this sat in is fritted around the edges. Minor damage in a sense but detracting from the beauty of a finely made piece.


restored tiffany enamel watch

Care and Conservation

A good enamel restorer needs to consider the object as a whole, the intentions of the original designer and craftsman, the natural patina of age. Shown here, is an image of the watch after restoration and a gentle clean.

The damaged enamel top left has been removed and replaced, in a way that has restored the natural look of this section. Light falling on the small curve reflects in the same way as other similar areas, care given to character.

Much the same applies to conservation work on the lower area of the damaged ribbon and the watch case itself. A specialist enamel restorer who is also a skilled jeweller can help with wider aspects.

Ultimately, the watch itself is the important consideration. There is nothing now detracting from the careful craft of those who made this, for others to enjoy.


restored enamel order

The Value of Restoration

Whether you are a fellow jeweller, or seeking to have an item restored for yourself, the same level of craftsmanship will apply. Many items that arrive for restoration are of importance to the owners, such as this order of chivalry. The presentation a moment in time but the award represents a lifetime's work.

With missing enamel restored, the medal displays the beauty the owner and the original craftsmen cherished. Neither did country of origin play a part, with Keith fully appreciating enamel as an international art form that deserves preservation.

Restoring enamel takes skill and care, yet need not be expensive. For a favourite tie pin, or suite of jewellery, you are very welcome to any advice you require. By all means take a look at other examples of items where antique restoration skills can be applied.