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Commissions Undertaken Nationally & Internationally

Keith Seldon - Enamel Art & Restoration

Heraldic Enamel
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For centuries, two disciplines have come together to form items of stature and beauty. See more on enamel heraldry  

For Jewellers
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Keith is an award winning, professional jeweller, who understands your unique needs. Read about the artist's life  

Personal Gifts
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If you are seeking a unique, hand crafted gift to last a lifetime, enamel art fits well. For example enamel cufflinks  

Fine Portraits
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A likeness in enamel is pleasing, stable and quite rare. True quality of image can be achieved in enamel portraits  

Special Commissions
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Every now and then a special need occurs. See how Keith Seldon helped to create a collection of exceptional objects  

Care & Restoration
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An understanding of historic techniques and the mindset of the original artist are the keystones for restoring enamel