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the golden compass with enamelled dial

Commissions to Remember

The Golden Compass forms part one of a new film trilogy, a successor to Lord of the Rings. At the heart of the story lays a unique object, finely enamelled with arcane symbols.

For an item leading the storyline in a costly production, realism, quality and accuracy were essential on the enamel dial. More than one would be needed to achieve the film makers needs, yet the difference must be imperceptible.

Keith was delighted to produce such unusual items and the production team pleased with the result. So much so they commissioned a few more, to present to the stars of the film, such as Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.


hales trophy for atlantic liners

Crossing the Ocean

In 1864, the Blue Riband was inaugurated, for the fastest passenger ship to cross the Atlantic. By 1935, this had accrued such prestige that Sir Harold Hales, a shipping line owner, commissioned the Hales Trophy.

A fitting prize for the winner and much cherished, by companies such as Cunard and White Star. The passage of time and a few enthusiastic celebrations left their mark on the enamelled trophy, careful conservation urgently required.

Keith Seldon was a natural choice for the task, which needed the skills of an enamel artist, along with an understanding of techniques used to create the prize. Keith's initial training as a jeweller has proven useful on many occasions.

The fine trophy was restored, although the story did not end there. The holder of the Hales Trophy asked Garrards to create a replica to keep permanently, with Keith recreating the enamel work. No need for another image, they are indivisable.


life size silver and enamel peacocks

Birds of Enamel Feathers

Reproducing the trophy required care, although Garrards also brought to life another wonderful opportunity to carry the enamels Keith loves. The life size peacocks an outstanding example of those skills combined.

They are crafted from softly gilded, sterling silver, calling for many months of care, the eye of each tail feather a separate work of art. Elegant and eye catching on their marble balustrade, the peacocks soon found a good home.

So the commissions you would love to see, bearing the work of a dedicated enamel artist, can range from an exact image in your mind, to the spark of an idea.

Whether that idea is for a personal keepsake, or an object to admire, Keith would be delighted to hear from you. Perhaps his notes on international enamel art could offer inspiration.